Ready To Ride Guide

If you’re new to biking, first thing first, WELCOME! We’re so happy that you’re getting into the awesome sport of cycling. Whether you’re riding around the block to the local coffee shop, or going on epic off-road adventures, we have something for you. We’re here to help make biking fun and approachable to you and your children. To get you started we put together an essential list of sorts to be ready to ride!

  • Gear
    • Helmet (safety first!)
    • Bike or Ride Along Seat
  • Clothing
    • Closed-toed shoes
    • Full fingered gloves
    • Long sleeve pants
    • An awesome bike shirt!
  • Supplies
    • Snacks (always carry snacks!)
    • Water
    • Sunscreen

That’s all you really need to know, it’s pretty easy to get started. The most important thing when your child is learning how to ride with you or on their own bike is to listen to them. If they are unsure about something, don’t pressure them, they will try it in their own time. Please review our safety guidelines before heading out on your first adventure.

If you need help selecting a product, or assembling a new bike, or really anything at all feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment with a Bambino Gear Expert today.