How To Measure For Bike Fit

Getting the right size balance bike for your child is simple and only requires a couple tools to get the right measurement.

How To Measure For Child Bike Fit
  • Step 1 - Gather your tools
    • You’ll need a book, a measuring tape, and your child in their favorite pair of shoes.
  • Step 2 - Measure
    • Have your child stand against a wall, place the book between their legs and raise the book up until it hits their crotch. Measure from the top of the book (make sure to hold it level) to the floor.
  • Step 3 - Find your size
    • Subtract 0.5 inches from the measurement and that is the inseam measurement, or what is also called the “standover frame height” for your child (we recommend subtracting 0.5 inches from their inseam because you want your child to be able to place their feet flat on the ground when standing over the bike).

Simple as that! Check out our bike size guides to find the appropriate inseam range for your child.

It’s important to get the right size bike because one that is too small or too large will hinder the learning process. Here’s an illustration of what we mean by not having the right size bike or not having the saddle height properly adjusted:

Bambino Bikes Balance Bike Fit Guide
  • CORRECT - Your child is seated on the bike, feet flat on the ground, knees are slightly bent. This is best because it allows for full leg movement while still being able to stand over the bike with feet flat on the ground. 
  • WRONG - Your child is "standing" over the seat. Their feet are not flat on the ground (tiptoes) and their knees are not bent. This will make it hard for your child to ride the bike if their feet can't reach the ground. 
  • WRONG - Although your child is sitting on the seat their knees are very bent, so much so that they will not be able to "kick" or run on the bike with full and complete leg movement.

If you have any questions about measuring or fitment please feel free to schedule a call with a Bambino Gear Expert.