Assembly Instructions

Below is a list of all assembly instructions organized by the brands we carry here at Bambino Bikes. Expand each section to get more detailed information.

Have a question? Need help assembling your new bike? If you have any questions or are not quite sure how to take a measurement, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment with a Bambino Gear Expert to help you.

Bixbi Classic and MTB 12

Congratulations on your new Bixbi Bike! Assembly of your bike is an easy process and only requires the two allen hex keys provided with your bike. If you have any questions along the way feel free to contact a Bambino Gear Expert and they will be happy to help.

Download the instructions
  • Step 1 - Tools
    • Locate the white Bixbi envelope that comes in the box. This contains an assembly diagram, a sticker sheet, two allen wrenches, and a couple bolts and washers.
  • Step 2 - Unboxing
    • Take the bike out of the box and remove any packing materials
  • Step 3 - Attach handlebars
    • Locate the 5mm allen key. Remove the 4 bolts from the stem cap. Place the handlebars (centered) in the stem and replace the stem cap and 4 bolts. To center the handlebars there are little lines on them that will be hidden behind the stem cap when correctly centered. Evenly tighten the 4 bolts in an x-pattern. For tightness if you don’t have a torque wrench we recommend “snug plus a half turn”. Once you have the handlebars attached turn the bike over and rest on the handlebars and seat.
  • Step 4 - Front wheel
    • To attach the front wheel you’ll need the two bolts and washers that came with your bike and the 5mm allen wrench. Slide one washer onto each bolt. Take the front wheel and start threading a bolt into each side of the front axel, only screw it in a little bit, this is just to get it started. With the bolts installed, place the wheel into the fork leg dropouts, with the washer on the outside of the fork leg. Note the tire tread direction, it should match the rear tire. Using the 5mm allen wrench, tighten the bolts down until they are snug, and this time let’s do a full rotation to get the bolts nice and tight.
  • Step 5 - Align handlebars
    • Turn the bike back over and align the handlebars now. First, loosen the two bolts on the stem with the 5mm allen wrench. Using the 4mm allen wrench, tighten the top cap, this doesn’t need to be super tight, just snug. Check to make sure there is no movement in the headset. Turn the handlebars until the front wheel is straight and centered and then tighten the two stem bolts to snug plus a full rotation.
  • Step 6 - Set seat height
    • Locate the quick release lever on the seat post clamp. Open the lever, adjust the seat, close the lever, that easy. You might need to tighten the bolt a little right out of the box, so release the lever, using the 5mm allen wrench, tighten the bolt about one rotation and try closing the lever again. Check out our “How to fit your bike” article to learn how to set the correct seat height as your child grows.
  • Step 7 - Air in tires
    • Last step is to put air in the tires. The valves are standard schrader valves so any bike pump should work here. We recommend about 10-20 PSI depending on your child’s weight. The nice thing about pneumatic tires is that you can adjust the pressure. Lower pressure will have a softer/smoother ride and a higher pressure will have a faster/harder ride. You can set it to your child’s preference.

And now you’re ready to ride! Don’t forget that helmet! And please review the biking safety guidelines before your first ride.
Bixbi LowRider Kit

The Bixbi LowRider Kit (only compatible on Bixbi Balance Bikes) is perfect for smaller riders that are still growing but want to start riding now! By adding the LowRider kit, little riders as young as 18 months can start riding! With one set installed on the rear wheel it drops the standover height by 1.5 inches. With a second set installed on the front wheel (Bixbi Classic 12 only) the total drop becomes 2 inches. Check out our size guide for information on measuring your child’s inseam and bike sizing.

  • Step 1 - Tools
    • To install/uninstall the Bixbi LowRider Kit you’ll need a 5mm and 6mm allen hex key.
  • Step 2 - Remove rear wheel
    • Turn your bike over so it is resting on the handlebars and seat. Using the 5mm allen hex loosen the bolts on each side of the rear wheel. Completely remove the bolt and washers and set aside for later use.
  • Step 3 - LowRiders
    • With the Bixbi logo facing outward, place a LowRider arm on each side of the wheel axle. There is a hole in each arm that will fit over the edge of the wheel axle. Using the bolts with washers you previously removed from the wheel, thread those back into the wheel axle to secure the LowRider arms in place.
  • Step 4 - Install rear wheel
    • There is a tab on the end of each of the LowRider arms. Position this tab into the rear wheel frame dropout where the rear wheel previously was placed. Locate the supplied bolt and washer that came with the LowRider Kit and thread into each arm. You will have to support the wheel a bit to align the bolt hole in the frame dropouts.
  • Step 5 - Tighten bolts
    • Confirm that the LowRider Kit and wheel is correctly aligned and installed in the frame. The rear wheel should now be much closer to the back of the seat. Using the 5mm allen key, tighten the wheel axle bolts to 8Nm. With a 6mm allen key, tighten the LowRider arm bolts to 8Nm. If you don’t have a torque wrench, we suggest tightening to snug plus a full rotation.
  • Step 6 - Front wheel (optional)
    • Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the front wheel if you're installing two LowRider kits.

And now you’re ready to ride! Don’t forget that helmet! And please review the biking safety guidelines before your first ride.
Mac Ride Child Bike Seat

Your Mac Ride will come with a detailed set of instructions to walk you through installation, linked here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a Bambino Gear Expert and they’ll be happy to help.