Who We Are

Bambino Bikes is a family business, co-founded by Ryan (dad), Riley (2 years), and Ellie (6 months). We’re a bike shop truly created for kids and their parents who want the best balance bikes, pedal bikes, and cycling gear for adventures together on two wheels.

Every item in the Bambino Bikes store is hand-selected and toddler-torment-tested by our team of little riders so you can be confident knowing that you’re buying the best bikes and gear for your little rider.

Bambino Bikes is led by a professional mountain bike racer with over 20 years of riding bikes and designing and manufacturing riding gear and accessories, as well as backed by a team of industry professionals. We’re here to help you select the best kids bikes and gear so you can adventure together on two wheels.

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The Bambino Philosophy

More smiles, adventures, and shared memories on two wheels.
Less confusion, frustration and stress when buying a bike and accessories.

As parents, we know there are a few things that are top of mind when purchasing a bike:

  1. Safety above all else
  2. Our products do what they claim and stand up to the “love” kids put their bikes through
  3. You’re happy, your kids are happy, and it is a hassle-free purchase (we’re all about customer service)

At Bambino Bikes we believe adventuring together on two wheels with your children should be easy, fun, and carefree. We’re here to help you by doing all the hard work (countless hours of research, testing, and of course riding). All you have to do is ask us and we’ll help your family get out there on two wheels. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, that’s ok, we’ll recommend the best item for your unique needs (even if we don’t carry it) because we’d rather you be happy with your purchase than get something that’s not right for you.

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Let’s Adventure Together

Bonding with our children, without the distractions of the world around us, is a challenge in this day and age. We’re distracted by our phones, work calls, house chores, whatever it is... our children are the ones most affected by this.

When Ryan started riding bikes with Riley at 10 months old on the back of the cargo bike it helped him truly understand the important role bikes play in a child’s development mentally, emotionally, and physically and the bond that was developing between parent and child.

For children, bikes unlock an amazing world around them that has so much to discover and helps them develop essential skills like balance and hand-eye-coordination at a young age. Their quickly-developing minds are filled with knowledge of the world around them in an experiential way with their parents. To learn more about the benefits that cycling brings to kids click here to see what the research has shown.

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