Mac Ride Mini Grips

Little grips for little hands

  • Mini Grips fit inside your grips for your little rider
  • Provides more comfort for small hands
  • Easy assembly, contact us if you have questions

Mini Grips are a must-have addition to your Mac Ride seat! We highly recommend ordering a pair of these wee grips when you buy your Mac Ride seat. 

  1. Special mini design - nice and small for little hands.
  2. The child-friendly size means they are narrow enough to fit inside the adult grips on your bars.
  3. Mini Grips provide comfort and warmth for your little one's hands (compared to bare bars).
  4. Some users install Mini Grips as pad buffers on their Mac Ride stirrups if they are riding with an e-bike with a very wide top/down tube. 

Mini Grips do require installation, including removing your shifter/brakes from at least one side of your bike. Installation instructions here.