Bixbi Balance Bikes vs the others - how to buy the best balance bike

Bixbi Balance Bikes vs the others - how to buy the best balance bike

Bixbi Balance Bikes vs the others - how to buy the best balance bike

Type in “balance bike” to Google and you’ll get over 267,000,000 results! Wow, that’s a lot of results and surely enough to make your head spin. You can pick from Bixbi, Strider, REI, Walmart, and so many other brands! But what’s the difference between balance bike brands, why are there so many options, and how do I pick the “best” balance bike for my child? We’re here to help answer your questions so that you and your child are happy with your purchase and adventuring together on two wheels!

At Bambino Bikes we carry an awesome little balance bike called the Bixbi Classic 12. There are a number of reasons why we chose such a high quality balance bike. We understand the price point is higher than the competition (for good reason) and that a Bixbi Balance Bike might not be the right fit for your needs, but that’s ok. We’re here to talk about what makes a good balance bike and help you find the right bike for your little rider! If you decide that a Bixbi Bike is right for you, we’re here to help answer your questions and get you one cool personalized balance bike. 

The first thing to consider when buying a bike is, who are you buying it from? Keep in mind that if you have any problems with your bike, have any questions or need help assembling your bike that the store is your first point of contact. Buying from a big box store like Target or Walmart might not be the best idea since they don’t specialize in bikes, or have a bike service department. We’re going to toot our own horn for a minute… At Bambino Bikes we have a 30-Day Ride Happy Guarantee on your purchase, super helpful customer service (you can even schedule a video call with a Bambino Expert) and we offer a complete bike package with our product selection of helmets and rider gear. All that said, we’ve got you covered and are happy to help you out.

Not all balance bikes are created equal! Sure, a balance bike is a simple toy, what could go wrong? More than you’d think, that’s for sure. Let’s talk about the key advantages in buying a well-designed bike and why a Bixbi Bike might be the right bike for your child. We’re going to cover the topics of assembly, simplicity, geometry, weight, tires, standover height, style/color, and warranty. 


Consider your comfort level with bike maintenance and how much assembly is required. Some bikes require more assembly than others and more tools. With a Bixbi Bike all you have to do is attach the handle bars and front wheel and set the proper seat post height; the one tool you’ll need is included. We take care of everything else for you - like airing up the tires and installing the LowRider Kit if you purchase one with your bike.

Less is more

A balance bike is meant to break the skill of riding a bike down into its most basic fundamental skills without the distraction of things like brakes, pedals, shifting gears, and a drivetrain. Most children won’t even have the strength to use a hand brake until they are close to 3 years old, so a brake isn’t necessarily a requirement on a first bike. Bixbi bikes are a simple and elegant balance bike that removes any distractions from your child learning how to ride, balance and steer their first bike.


Long and low is the saying. A balance bike that is designed properly, like Bixbi Bikes, actually helps the learning experience! You’ll want to find a bike with a longer wheelbase (the distance between the center of the wheels) because that helps with balance at speed. You’ll also want the handlebars to be lower (closer to the bike) and to select a bike with a cockpit (distance between the handlebars and seat) that is a little longer to encourage a ride position that facilitates easier balance and steering. The image below from Two Wheeling Tots shows the difference between a good and poor design of a balance bike. The “poor” design has a short wheelbase, a small cockpit, and high bars. All of these things are a red alert because the design of a bike like this makes balance and steering harder because the bike is “twitchy” or wobbly so to speak. 

Two Wheeling Tots balance bike


A balance bike should weigh less than 30% of your child’s body weight. Why? If you only weigh 25 pounds and are not that strong and you try to pick up a 12 pound bike it’s going to be really difficult! Weight also matters for moving the bike around when riding, and of course going uphill. Bixbi Bikes are designed with the lightest weight materials in mind and with that they only weigh 7 pounds! Your child will enjoy riding around on their Bixbi Balance Bike because it’s so light and easy to maneuver.

Air tires

The tire options available on balance bikes are solid foam, traditional air-filled tires, or a hybrid tire. Yes, any tire will work and function as needed, but air-filled tires will provide benefits like ride quality and traction, and they are easily replaceable. Since you can adjust the PSI (pressure of your tires) you can have a softer ride with more traction in dirt, or a harder ride for going fast on pavement! Rascal Rides wrote a great article on the key points of a balance bike to consider. 

Seat height

If you’re starting your child out as early as possible on a balance bike, then seat height (based on your child’s inseam) is an important factor to consider. Not all balance bikes have a low seat height and that might mean your child’s bike will have to sit on the sidelines while they grow a bit more. Bixbi Bikes do have a taller seat height, which is part of the design aspect in that it looks and rides like a real bike, only smaller. But not to worry, they addressed this with the addition of the LowRider Kit. With a simple adapter the bike can be set up for smaller riders with an inseam as small as 12”.

Style & Colors

Let’s be real, bikes are cool, and having a cool bike is the best part of being a kid (or an adult in my case)! Most balance bike brands only offer bikes in one to three color options and it’s usually the typical pink and blue (where’s the variety?!). Bixbi Bikes come in over 10 different awesome colors including 6 metallic colors! You and your child can pick their favorite color and if you want to take it to the next level you can personalize your bike with your child's name! 

Bixbi Balance Bike Personalized


Sure, it’s only a kids bike, what could go wrong? Knowing that you’re covered for any issues is great peace of mind. Some brands offer only short warranties on parts replacements, so know before you buy what your purchase is covered for, because toddlers can be very hard on their toys! At Bambino Bikes we offer 30 Day Ride Happy guarantees on your purchase, lifetime warranty on Bixbi Bikes and Kali Helmets, and of course if you ever have any issues the Bambino Team is here to help you out. 

There you go, those are all the points to consider when buying your first balance bike. And don’t forget to get a properly fitted helmet because safety is the number one priority! If you have any questions about balance bikes or kids riding gear please don’t hesitate to contact us

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