Best Mountain Biking Destinations for Family Fun

Best Mountain Biking Destinations for Family Fun

Summertime is synonymous with road trips! If you’re like us then you probably take a bike with you everywhere you go... You never know when you might just stumble upon the next best mountain biking destination. As we continue to put a limit on how far we travel these days for summer vacation, we’re sharing our favorite mountain biking destinations around the country the whole family can enjoy! Where will your biking adventures take you next? #Roadtrip

  1. Moab, Utah / Fruita, Colorado - Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge. Click here to read more about Moab.
  2. Crested Butte, Colorado - This two-wheeled mecca sits in the heart of the Elk Mountain Range of the Colorado Rockies and includes over 750 miles of singletrack. Crested Butte is home to a number of valleys that present the unique ability to link many different types of trails, paths, and roads. Click here to read more about Crested Butte.
  3. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada - Mountain biking at Lake Tahoe is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle! Bike paths, dirt roads, single tracks and bike parks abound around the lake. Click here to read more about Lake Tahoe.
  4. Park City, Utah - With over 450 miles of trails, numerous bars and restaurants, world class accommodations, art galleries, and mini amusement parks with mountain coasters, alpine slides and more at the area resorts – Park City offers something for the whole family. Click here to read more about Park City.
  5. The Wydaho Region of Wyoming & Idaho - The area along the state lines of Wyoming and Idaho is affectionately referred to as Wydaho. The area is quickly becoming known as a mountain biking mecca, with trails for everyone from beginners to experts, thanks to the many people and groups who have worked hard over the past decade or two to make this area a singletrack destination. Click here to read more about Wydaho.
  6. Sedona, Arizona - This town has prime high-desert trail riding, with plenty of sandstone slickrock, and because the network is as diffuse and intricate as a spiderweb, overcrowding isn’t an issue. The town’s other big advantage is its compact size: no matter where you stay, you can steer yourself onto trails with just a few minutes of pedaling, and from there, the entire matrix is accessible. Click here to read more about Sedona.
  7. Bend, Oregon - On the eastern and less rainy side of Oregon, Bend is home to over nine hundred miles of single track. There are trails for every level - click here to read more about Bend.
  8. Asheville & Brevard, North Carolina - Western North Carolina's mountains contain some of the best mountain biking to be found anywhere. Gravel roads that wind along lazy streams through forested valleys, or trails that climb up steep mountainsides; trails that cross 5,000 foot mountain peaks or singletrack that traverses long, narrow ridgelines: all are here within the boundaries of the Old North State. Whatever you're looking for, be it a gentle cruise to a beautiful picnic spot, or a rugged descent on technical singletrack, you've chosen a great place to experience it all. Click here to read more about Asheville and Brevard.
  9. Copper Harbor, Michigan - Copper Harbor trails offer some of the most unique terrain and challenging trails in the country. A series of rocky, undulating ridges and valleys punctuate Keweenaw County and are highlighted with old growth forests, historic locations, pristine inland lakes and streams, mountain top vistas and rugged Lake Superior shoreline. Click here to read more about Copper Harbor.
  10. Bentonville, Arkansas - An up and coming destination for mountain bikers, the home to Walmart can add to its claim to fame - a bicyclists getaway infused with art and culture and quite possibly your next family vacation destination. Click here to read more about Bentonville.
  11. British Columbia, Canada - Ride sea to sky in British Columbia. From gentle cruises to hair-raising descents, riding the Sunshine Coast, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, South Chilcotins, and Vancouver’s North Shore is an unmatched experience anywhere else in the world. Click here to read more about British Columbia.
  12. East Burke, Vermont - The best of the best is located in the little village of East Burke! With the beautiful Northeast Kingdom as your backdrop, those sidewinding trails are not the only thing that makes your adventure unbelievable! Click here to read more about East Burke.

This list only scratches the surface of all the wonderful places you can go mountain biking - where is your favorite destination?

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